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I have been listening to a lot of Alt-J  lately. It brings me right back to the car on the way to Whistler this summer. I think Jack was driving and Gill was playing DJ. We had just stopped off at Canadian Tyre. Or we were about to. I can’t remember. It was hot and sunny and the mountains were beautiful. I could not believe my little eyes and ears and body were actually exactly where they were. Life is funny like that, you find yourself doing things or being places you never would have imagined. I just ordered this album on vinyl and am so looking forward to when it arrives.

PS This post is pure procrastination. This week is deadline-rich in college and I am feeling flippant and not very much like applying myself in any way. Next week is a reading week which means I get a whole week off, to say I am excited is an understatement. 

Cheese. And a little video.

Here is the super silly cheesy I-shot-this-all-on-an-iphone video of our time in Vancouver, Seattle & Portland this summer that I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time putting together (I would say editing…but that would require a little skill, of which I have none).

It was a holiday I will never forget. I hope we get to spend longer on the Pacific North-West Coast some time*, it’s really beautiful. The song is

Way Back When by Kodaline (who’s album I bought just before we left and proceeded to listen to on repeat the whole time pretty much since then).

Vanacouver, Seattle & Portland from Cliodhna Meldon on Vimeo.

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*And if Richard has any say in it we most definitely will. He completely left his heart in British Columbia. 

Vancouver, Canada >> Dublin, Ireland, Home.

We took the train from Portland to Vancouver and I think I spent the entire 8 hours in awe. The Oregon coat is no joke…with mountains out one window and the sea out the other it was truly breathtaking. I felt so overwhelmingly nostalgic and unbelievably lucky to be right there, right then…on the train, with my love, travelling to such stunningly beautiful places. 

We spent our last few days in Vancouver relaxing. We read by the beach, drank beer, ate and tried not to spend what little money we had left. 

We made sure to say our goodbyes to the Pacific. 

Gill took this photo of the two of us on the way to watch the fireworks from Kits. How handsome is my boyfriend? A few minutes before this photo was taken a guy stopped us on the street and gushed that Rich looked like a member of One Direction. Ha! Not sure if I like that or not buuut he sure meant it as a compliment!

We took this super awkward selfie before leaving to get the sky train to the airport. Our flights went off without a hitch and we BOTH slept almost the entire 9 hours home.

It was a miracle. 

Vancouver, Canada (via London, England).

Three weeks ago we started out early, rising with the sun to load up the car...airport bound.

We flew to London and spent an exceptionally long lay-over in Hyde Park in the scorching heat.

 We then flew, a horribly long and bumpy flight, to Vancouver. Bags on backs and bags on fronts we took the Sky train, disembarking in a city so very different to our own, we trudged up up up hill towards familiar faces. We ate and slept and talked and arose very very early the following day. Jet lag will do that.

  We saw the pacific for the first time. Following it's edge we walked thousands and thousands of steps all the way to Main Street. In and out of shops we familiarised ourselves with prices and currency and notes and taxes. We sought shade in a playground before taking the train home to sleep. Jet lag is frustrating and zombifying and, most of all, exhausting. We ate dinner by the beach, watching a beautiful sun set. We think 

we could get used to this kind of thing

. We slept soundly, undisturbed by the seagulls and sirens of city life outside the window.

The following day we cycled. Back-pedal braking is not for the faint of heart. We watched a racoon having lunch and visited the Aquarium. Jellyfish, dolphins, seals, otters and beluga whales. And also a sloth (which is in the photo above!). We cycled along the Sea Wall revelling at the mountain views. We immersed our bodies into the cold pacific and shared a veggie burger as the evening sun begin to cast its golden light. We fell asleep early, happy and full.

On Thursday I wandered downtown alone and mooched between familiar and unfamiliar shops. The block system in North America is foreign and oddly confusing to a girl raised on the higgledy piggledy streets of Dublin city. I managed to walk two blocks further than necessary only to have to double back on myself to to get to where I wanted to go.

In the afternoon we walked across Granville Bridge—attempted to soak up the breathtaking, overwhelming, holycrapisthisreal views on each side—to Kitsilano. There we bought and devoured a garlicky pizza, read our books on the beach and sunned ourselves. We thought 

we could really get used to this 

and grinned like fools. Jet lag kicked our bums into bed early again but we were too sleepy to fight it.

Coming up: Whistler, lakes, beers and beautiful mountains. 

Back to reality.

Since coming home from the holycrap-BEST-holiday ever I have mainly been working. Actually I have only been working and working…with a teeny bit of socialising and internet purchasing/window shopping/wishlisting on the side of course.

If you follow me on instagram then you have seen almost ALL of these photos already so by all means end your voyage here.

Also, they are in no way conclusive or inclusive or emm anything cohesive to do with this post/the actual holiday. So maybe just go with it?

 The dungaree/jumpsuit thing on the left was AMAZING but too small. It killed me to put it back on the rack. The dress in the middle was cute but a little big and the fabric wasn’t amazing. The playsuit on the right is so cute I bought it and wore it home on the plane (as comfy as pyjamas!)

And here is a token raccoon having lunch out of the bin.

In other news I am editing a crappy little video of our Vancouver/Seattle/Portland/Vancouver trip so keep yo eyes peeled if you’re into that kind of thing. I may or may not post it. Depends on the cringe factor obvz.

And in better news our film photographs are ready and waiting for us to pick them up tomorrow! Woot woot! Excitement doesn’t even cover it!