Image Interiors — July Issue

Last month I got a pretty exciting email from Nathalie an editor at Image Interiors & Living Magazine wondering if I would be interested in creating five full page patterns—with hand lettering—for their July issue. I didn’t skip a beat and replied immediately with a HELL YES OF COURSE OH MY GOODNESS. Well, I actually wrote something a little cooler and a lot less desperate and fan-girlish but you know what my heart was really saying people. 

Like all things creative I can point out a million things that I would change or do differently had I had more time or resources or skillz…but such is life and the nature of magazine deadlines. Self deprecation aside I am pretty damn proud of this work. Here’s to more stuff in print! More freelance! More work! Yay! Yay! Yay! 

PS These bad boys definitely look better in print…so go pick yo-self up a copy stat!