Pan F

Here’s some Pan F for your Wednesday morning. I’m not sure if we developed this roll wrong or what but some of the photos are funky. Perhaps it was our shooting that was the problem, this is the slowest film we’ve ever shot or developed. There is a lot of contrast too which I wasn’t expecting.

Over all though, I can’t deny it’s beautiful. Richard has a medium format roll yet to be shot, I can’t wait.

Sandycove, Killiney Hill, Dun Laoghaire…the usual haunts never fail to impress or inspire.

This roll is another forgotten one, leftover from late Spring. It nice to look back at films with hindsight and retrospect on my side. Sometimes when I get a roll developed and scanned right away I am too critical and dismissive…it’s only when I look back after months that I see the beauty or intrigue or something extra that I overlooked in haste.

Do you do that too?