i whaley love long weekends

Today was a shitty day. I got my work torn to shreds (metaphorically). I cut my finger. Cried. Realised I'd ordered the wrong envelopes. Realised that this was going to make my order late to the shops. Thus making me look like a shitty freelancer to work with.

But I'm tired of feeling shitty. Tonight my girl friends are coming over to play this hilarious game, drink wine, and watch the Kardashian wedding... and eat cookies!

I hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

p.s Do you like my whale? He'll be coming to a shelf near you soon, but dressed up like Christmas!

I finally got around to using that rolleiflex a couple of weeks ago. It's beyond uneconomical with film and processing being pretty pricey but I couldn't get over the results. I have NEVER had a first roll turn out so well. It's way more manual than the AE-1 (ie totally manual basically) but I actually found it easier to just aperture/exposure settings without the light metre. I think I rely to heavily on that with the AE-1. It also probably helped that we had some really bright clear days to shoot on (unlike yesterday!)

(that's Lauri... he sits beside me in college!)

playing catchup

This is a project we did at the start of the module with Maeve. We did so much work and produced so much I feel exhausted. It was really worthwhile though and so interesting to see that we actually can all be that productive and successful. As a group I think our solutions to the problems we faced got better and better as the week went on. I was certainly much happier with my storyboard and comic (they'll be up soon!) than I was with this project which I did at the very beginning.

Each of us were given a phrase to illustrate, mine was 'waiting on bated breath'.


Here's my finished illustration:

It's certainly not as good as it could be. It really doesn't convey the phrase correctly or the meaning of the phrase at all really (the meaning which I didn't actually know when I was given it in the first place!). I found it really challenging to illustrate breath as it's not usually something we see. A few people in the class could see it was breath but didn't get the bated thing.