It’s late, I know. But I never promised anything. Did I?

This is the Liberty Markets building. It breaks my heart to see something so beautiful going to waste and literally falling and crumbling while people just walk on by. It could be such an incredible place. Maybe some day it will?


I’ve been thinking about doing a series for ages and starting a new module in photography this week has encouraged me to just get on with it. So here it is, week one of Dublin, a love letter. Sometimes I will write words and sometimes I won’t. This church is on Thomas Street where I go to college and it’s stunning, like scarily stunning, I haven’t been in it yet but if the inside is as amazing as the outside (and I’ve heard it is!) then I’d say it’s pretty breathtaking. The second image is of a dude I saw cleaning windows on the tiny houses I walk through en route to college (random side note—they have boot scrapers at the doors which is not something you see every day). The third picture was taken near Patrick’s Cathedral, I love that the roofs of the buildings are copper—the green really stands out against the red brick.

So, the plan is that every week (although I’m not making any promises) I’m going to post new pictures under the theme of Dublin, a love letter.