Richard “I don't really like Valentine's day. Can we just have Clío and Richard day?”
Me “OK” 

We didn't do anything special, I made Richard a disaster-pie (as in it was kind of a disaster) and he got me flowers, a city guide to Berlin AND a t-shirt with Elmo on it. Then we all got Thai food and watched the proposal special of Don't Tell the Bride  followed by Suits.

(It’s not every day where one gets flowers like that though!)

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day. 
I'm a BIG fan of love. Obviously.
I don't go out for all that chocolate and teddy bears and ridiculously priced restaurants etc. 

But I believe in saying 'I love you'. 
A Lot.
On the 14th and on any other day for that matter.

{What better way to say I love you than in a lovely card?}

Do you send Valentine's cards? 

Or any other cards for that matter?

I'd love to know :)

P.S Valentines cards available here AND here AND here AND also here! Or direct from me xx