twit twoo

Haven't had a chance to blog all week, college has been busy and so has freelance work AND it's Valentine's day soon so there's cards to be made and printed and packed off for selling. It's all good though so I've got nothing to complain about really!

Last week in college we started learning Illustrator, which is equally frustrating and exciting. My poor eyes have never been so sore... I need  to stop staring at the computer screen and remember to blink every once in a while! Above is my first Illustrator illustration and I've got to admit I quite like it :)

Happy Weekend Lovely People x

hotpress take two

So this is what I was trying to upload the other day.

It's an article in Hotpress Magazine... about a dude who served two sentences for drug smuggling in Mount Joy Prison and THAT little sardine tin drawing up there was done by ME!

Basically we had a project in college with an illustrator and the whole thing was a competition and we thought one person was going to win but actually eight of us ending up winning which is nice. My scanner cut off the other lovely illustrations (sorry friends) but well done to William, Alex, James, Dave, Kirstyn, Meg & Mica. It's cool to hang out with such talented folk like you :)

Check our the Hotpress website to see everybody's illustrations for the brief.


A month ago I hadn't even heard the word infographic? The dad of the little dudes I babysit mentioned it when chatting after they got back from dinner and Debbie and I both said 'huh? Allan?'. So he explained and suddenly I realised that I already knew what they were and that they're everywhere.

In college we're doing a module with Maeve Clancy (Hi Maeve!) about visualising ideas and conveying information through image alone and so this weekend's project is an infographic.

here's one explaining what why they work

I've been following Good on twitter for a while now and they post some informative (and probably more importantly interesting) infographics on their blog; here's a few:


(this one is interactive, click above to view the original and play!)

(I think this one is my fave, it's clear, easy to read and entertaining- despite the grave information)

PS these pictures are HUGE so click the numbers to see the originals up close.