the end

My three week stint as a domestic goddess (haha!) is coming to a close and I could not be happier. I am, quite literally, exhausted. Trying to juggle looking after a tiny baby in the morning, cook clean and do the washing in someone else’s house in the afternoon and then come home and make dinner for my boys in the evening (not to mention keeping the washing under control) seriously takes it’s toll after a while. Thank god for that dude up there, he is, hands down, the best cleaner in the world. If it wasn’t for him my mother would be returning to a bomb shell tomorrow morning instead of a somewhat clean and tidy (but utterly lived in) home. He hasn’t complained once about it either. So, thank you Richard, for cleaning up after us every night (And thank you Eoin for not picking up after yourself one little bit!).

All of that said it was really lovely to be independent for a while. It was cool to leave my bowl there knowing that no one was going to give out to me if I didn’t wash it until the next day, or spend hours making dinner just how I wanted it. It was also nice having a little job for a bit…although it made working on any freelance jobs virtually impossible which sucked. It was cool to run to the shops to get that thing I forgot for the dinner or just eat chickpeas out of the tin for lunch if I didn’t feel like running.

It was really really nice to live with Richard, to go to sleep to the sound of him breathing and eat breakfast together in the morning before heading to our respective jobs. We got on really well, but, if anything, spent less time together than normal because we were both so busy. A lot of the days I minded Emily in the morning, did my mum’s job in the evening and then babysat that night…it was great, and I’ve saved a plenty, but I certainly couldn’t do three jobs like that all summer long!

It gave me great hope for a day when we do live together, hopefully. (I can’t wait!)

PS I should really go easier on my mum, she does so much!


My first day of summer consisted of pyjamas and lots of television. I was hungover and exhausted.

The second day was better (but cold). I sat less and moved a little more. Had a driving lesson, met a friend for coffee, did the shopping with my mum…nothing special but sometimes mundane is nice. Especially when there’s no project or assignment hanging over your head.

The third was even better, it involved: a drive, a hike, more driving, more driving, cooking and then the most delicious roast dinner. Driving is still a novelty (when it’s not frustrating/stressful/difficult/scary anyway).

Today, however, was ace. The sun shone. Bright and high and, brace yourselves, warm. I spend two and a half hours weeding the garden…which sounds awful, but was totally lovely (despite the nettle stings and scratches). This week I am going to plant vegetables…lots and lots of vegetables and I can’t wait! Then I went to work which wasn’t so fun but I got to spend a lot of it outside so I won’t complain. Nice weather does something magical doesn’t it? It was as if there was a good mood in the air. Rumour has it it’s going to last all week!

By this logic, tomorrow will be even better won’t it?

photo of the Dublin/Wicklow coastline by Richard

It’s raining. A lot. Eoin, Lily and I are cooped up inside playing a ridiculously addictive game and listening to music. Lily is dream barking in her sleep, much to our amusement.
I have mixed feelings for the rain. Sometimes it’s lovely to be cosied up inside when the weather is bad but other times it’s more of a chore, the house feels too small and too full…usually in this case a desperation for fresh air pushes me out with the dog and my raincoat. I don’t know where I stand yet today. How do you feel about rainy days?

photos of R & L from sunnier times. x


Richard's family got a new puppy.

She has no name yet (and she'll probably grow up to be an evil half jack russell) but she's pretty cute.

PS. Lily's worried that Richard's going to start cheating on her.