Tomorrow is my last day of college for this year. I cannot possibly convey to you how fast this year has gone. It feels like we have just sat down at our shiny white desks, both nervous and excited.

New friends were made and old friends grew closer. We had project after project and a lot of the time I wanted to give up. We did typography,  illustration, grids and letterpress. And I fell in love with photography all over again. I cried and laughed and felt simultaneously like I couldn’t continue and I couldn’t do anything else. I will miss coming in to chat to the girls, bitch about the tutors, and eat lunch in the cold canteen. I will miss walking through the liberties, seeing the children running late to school and the lady who feeds the pigeons out her front door, watching little girls chit chat and share sweets on the stoop in the afternoon while the boys kick ball across the terraces. I will miss the people watching.

The summer is vast and expansive, it is opening up before my eyes. It half terrifies me, half excites me this vastness. I wonder what I will do and then I remember all of the plans I have. Plans are good yes. But I am trying to remind myself that no plans are ok too. Having no plans means I can do nothing. Doing nothing is good too. There will be hopefully different people to watch, different places to photograph and a grand adventure I will remember for the rest of my life. Every day is an adventure, or at least it can be. This Summer I will finish learning to drive, travel (hopefully) to a new continent, mind the cutest of babies and drink lots of cold drinks on warm days (double hopefully). There will be barbeques, road-trips, drinks parties, dog walking, barefoot in the grass, candles and lots of love. I can’t wait to camp again, to lie under the stars and realise all over again how small I really am.

Most of all I am looking forward to walking and talking with those two up there. There’s not much sweeter than that.

Eh, how amazing are these?

Sorry for my lack of posting it’s been offset, wedding invitations, portrait photography, wedding invitations, essay, wedding invitations, developing at home, essay, driving, essay, car crashes, dinners, shopping, product photography, driving and not enough sleep.

See you guys soon I hope!

on inspiration

I’m feeling kind of bleuh today. We’re doing this amazing module in photography with this deadly dude Richard Gilligan and we’ve been looking at his work and loads of other amazing artists work all week and I’ve been totally inspired... until now. I think I’ve just frozen, too scared to go and actually take photos now I’ve seen how fucking incredible other people’s are. Is that really stupid? Yes, I suppose it is. But seriously, this guy is just so cool, he shot Oliver Jeffers, Oliver fucking Jeffers! I love him! And Conor O'Brien, holy shit I love him too!
I feel like all I want to do is hang out and take photos and just work my ass off on this. But then in 3 weeks time does it all end? When the module ends do I just go back to setting type and learning all the other Vis Commy shit? It’s great. It really is. I just kind of think that maybe all I want to do is take photos. Maybe it’s just today. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

Portrait of Conor O’Brien by Rich Gilligan.


Blogging has been light of late because I’ve been working on a big project for college and another project for a wedding. It’s very busy but also very great! Yay!

The project was to create an identity for a new Irish type foundry and design dvd wraps and download packages for 9 classic Typefaces. Above are a few examples of my designs. I really wanted to go for a chalkboard, craft, handwritten vibe while still keeping the integrity of each face. The logo is inspired by a rubber stamp (and if this was a real job I would totally have that stamp made!). I’m so happy with how they turned out in the end. I feel as if I’ve learned so much on just this project alone!

twit twoo

Haven't had a chance to blog all week, college has been busy and so has freelance work AND it's Valentine's day soon so there's cards to be made and printed and packed off for selling. It's all good though so I've got nothing to complain about really!

Last week in college we started learning Illustrator, which is equally frustrating and exciting. My poor eyes have never been so sore... I need  to stop staring at the computer screen and remember to blink every once in a while! Above is my first Illustrator illustration and I've got to admit I quite like it :)

Happy Weekend Lovely People x