Monday is for yoga.

It starts my week off on the right foot. Or arm. Or elbow. Or whatever other appendage we end up balancing on while sweating (and inwardly swearing) and breathing.
As much as I love it, I also totally hate it. It hurts, it’s pretty hippy dippy and I find it so so hard to just focus and breathe…two things that yoga constantly urges one to do. However, it is for this very reason that I keep going back. I love how hard it is physically but also how challenging it can be to mentally (or in my case: attempt to) switch off the hundred and one things on my internal to-do list. Stepping back and slowing down and turning off can only be good for me. An hour and a half a week really isn’t too much to give, is it?

twit twoo

Haven't had a chance to blog all week, college has been busy and so has freelance work AND it's Valentine's day soon so there's cards to be made and printed and packed off for selling. It's all good though so I've got nothing to complain about really!

Last week in college we started learning Illustrator, which is equally frustrating and exciting. My poor eyes have never been so sore... I need  to stop staring at the computer screen and remember to blink every once in a while! Above is my first Illustrator illustration and I've got to admit I quite like it :)

Happy Weekend Lovely People x

Friday To Do

Now that I'm offfficially on my Christmas Holidays the countdown can begin!

We're having 15 people to dinner on Christmas day; five of my uncles, two aunts, my granny and cousins plus my brothers, myself and my mum. There's never been this many people in our house for Christmas so it's going to be crazy!

(So basically this week I'm going to be my mum's PA.)

I also have yet to finish Richard's present or get one for either of my parents. Eep. 

Then I get to wrap them all and put them under the-so far nonexistant- Christmas tree! Woo! 

Oh and then there's Christmas Eve drinks and giving my best friend her present and making chocolates for all my family and labels for our chutney jars and setting the table and cleaning the house and getting a little freelancer done before the 20th and hanging the stockings and all of that other LOVELY stuff. 

Yum. Can't. Wait. Love.

P.S I got my bike printed onto gift tags and sold them at the fair, they sold like crazy and I only wished I'd printed more. There's always next year*

hotpress take two

So this is what I was trying to upload the other day.

It's an article in Hotpress Magazine... about a dude who served two sentences for drug smuggling in Mount Joy Prison and THAT little sardine tin drawing up there was done by ME!

Basically we had a project in college with an illustrator and the whole thing was a competition and we thought one person was going to win but actually eight of us ending up winning which is nice. My scanner cut off the other lovely illustrations (sorry friends) but well done to William, Alex, James, Dave, Kirstyn, Meg & Mica. It's cool to hang out with such talented folk like you :)

Check our the Hotpress website to see everybody's illustrations for the brief.