…or rather my brother eating it.

PS He got his ear pierced on his sixth year holiday to Ayia Napa…I think my mother was grateful it wasn’t a tattoo that’s all. It’s pretty hideous but also awesomely nineties. 

It’s raining. A lot. Eoin, Lily and I are cooped up inside playing a ridiculously addictive game and listening to music. Lily is dream barking in her sleep, much to our amusement.
I have mixed feelings for the rain. Sometimes it’s lovely to be cosied up inside when the weather is bad but other times it’s more of a chore, the house feels too small and too full…usually in this case a desperation for fresh air pushes me out with the dog and my raincoat. I don’t know where I stand yet today. How do you feel about rainy days?

photos of R & L from sunnier times. x

a big day for all

So today was a big day.

I developed my first roll of film. Ok, that’s not very big really, but it was exciting and educational and much easier than I thought (in theory anyway, I’m fairly sure I messed up this roll in some way). I’m looking forward to doing it again.

And Richard bought a car.
Yes. A car. A real live, black, shiny, lovely, little, beautiful car. Her name is Valerie. There will be pictures soon but if you follow me on twitter/instagram you can see a sneak peek there.

Needless to say we are tired. Goodnight :)


   I have to take my laptop to college every day and –not to be a moan but*–  it's pretty heavy so I rarely take my camera with me too. On Wednesdays there’s no studio, just lectures, so I don’t need it and my bag is light as a feather and ready for camera-carrying. I have a couple of photos left on the roll I’m shooting so I'm pretty anxious to take them. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but my walk to college is through the most amazing urban landscape ever … I see something new every day I walk (I do, ahem, avail of a lift whenever possible).

All of this means there will be lovely photos up here soon folks. Happy mid-week. xo

*I'm such a weakling weedy wuss