I finally got around to using that rolleiflex a couple of weeks ago. It's beyond uneconomical with film and processing being pretty pricey but I couldn't get over the results. I have NEVER had a first roll turn out so well. It's way more manual than the AE-1 (ie totally manual basically) but I actually found it easier to just aperture/exposure settings without the light metre. I think I rely to heavily on that with the AE-1. It also probably helped that we had some really bright clear days to shoot on (unlike yesterday!)

(that's Lauri... he sits beside me in college!)


I went on a date to see Friends with Benefits last night. Despite my preconceptions (Justin Timberlake can't act) it was actually hilarious. So hilarious. And real-apart from the fact that the main characters are total FOXES and live in incredible apartments that is- well as real as Hollywood can get.

ALSO it's set in New York City and if I didn't have a panging desire to go there before (haha I totally did) I certainly do now. I've only been there really in the cold, icy, winter so it would really be amazing to visit when it's hot. I was hoping to, you know, casually, win the lotto and fly out to visit my sister before she left... but she's in Canada now, so maybe next year?

I reaaaaally have to go do some work now. ttfn x


The weather is starting to turn. Soon all the leaves will be brown, the wind will be even colder and one pair of tights will feel like bare skin. I love the autumn but it feels too soon. Last week the sun shone, albeit rather briefly, for a day or two. Here's what we captured in between the showers:

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p.s Richard took the first and last photo :)


What scares you lovely readers?

I have a strange feeling towards whales. It's not quite fear... not really, but when I see pictures of whales or watch feature length documentaries about giant sperm whales (like I did last night) I get a wobbly feeling in my tummy.

I think it's because they're SO BIG and I am SO SMALL in comparison. It makes me shudder. Seriously. Imagine swimming next to one!

Photo by Andreas Lorenz on flickr. Isn't it amazing?

P.S Have you heard about the lonliest whale in the world? The story breaks my heart.