I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day. 
I'm a BIG fan of love. Obviously.
I don't go out for all that chocolate and teddy bears and ridiculously priced restaurants etc. 

But I believe in saying 'I love you'. 
A Lot.
On the 14th and on any other day for that matter.

{What better way to say I love you than in a lovely card?}

Do you send Valentine's cards? 

Or any other cards for that matter?

I'd love to know :)

P.S Valentines cards available here AND here AND here AND also here! Or direct from me xx

Made by Design

My cards are currently for sale in the Made by Design pop up shop in the MadArt Gallery on Lower Gardener Street. Here it is on a map! The pop up shop is now open for another week and was featured in this months Totally Dublin...and they used my card as a picture! 

checkkk it out!

So in case you hadn't gotten the hint. Get your ass to MadArt and BUY SOME CARDS

(you're putting me through college people!)

National Craft Fair

I survived...

with the help of my wonderful mum, my lovely boyfriend and friends Fiona and Hannah.

I love you guys!

It was a really challenging, interesting, worthy, exciting, exhausting and fun experience. 
I met lots of lovely people* who loved my cards and even got some commissions which is more than I was expecting and SO flattering!

*and one strange lady who thought my 'we wish you a beary christmas card' said 'beery' and was encouraging people to drink beer... even though there's bears on it, but she bought them anyway!

it's the most wonderful time of the year

My Christmas Cards will be for sale in the Made By Design pop up shop, 

from the 5th of December! 
Get 'em while they're hot folks!