(clockwise from top left; Eoin made Sangria last night (it was so delicious), I planted a whole world of vegetables this week, Emily’s baby toes asleep in the sun, Lily chillin’ in the shade—she can’t handle this heat!

Summer so far has been busy. So so busy. I feel like I haven’t sat down in a week! My mum is away and my brother has exams so I’m meant to be holding down the fort…while also doing my mum’s job, minding my cousin’s little baby, doing some design work and cooking and cleaning and washing and all that boring stuff too. The baby is cute but not really used to me yet so she’s only happy when we’re moving…so we do an awful lot of walking. Yesterday I worked out that I’d already walked over 12 and a half kilometers before lunch! Yikes! 
The weather has been crazy amazing, so uncharacteristically hot for May which has made working like a busy bee much nicer. I even got sun burned yesterday, oops. I must say it has been pretty cool to wear summer clothes (no jeans! no tights! no socks!) all week.

Hope you’ve all been enjoying this beautiful weather…I’m off to work, boo!

PS I have a whole roll of film that I haven’t got a chance to develop yet, so that must mean I’m suuuuper busy, it’s driving me nuts not seeing the photos.


My first day of summer consisted of pyjamas and lots of television. I was hungover and exhausted.

The second day was better (but cold). I sat less and moved a little more. Had a driving lesson, met a friend for coffee, did the shopping with my mum…nothing special but sometimes mundane is nice. Especially when there’s no project or assignment hanging over your head.

The third was even better, it involved: a drive, a hike, more driving, more driving, cooking and then the most delicious roast dinner. Driving is still a novelty (when it’s not frustrating/stressful/difficult/scary anyway).

Today, however, was ace. The sun shone. Bright and high and, brace yourselves, warm. I spend two and a half hours weeding the garden…which sounds awful, but was totally lovely (despite the nettle stings and scratches). This week I am going to plant vegetables…lots and lots of vegetables and I can’t wait! Then I went to work which wasn’t so fun but I got to spend a lot of it outside so I won’t complain. Nice weather does something magical doesn’t it? It was as if there was a good mood in the air. Rumour has it it’s going to last all week!

By this logic, tomorrow will be even better won’t it?

photo of the Dublin/Wicklow coastline by Richard