Skip Diving


Last Saturday Monica passed by a skip beside a really interesting little house that was for sale. The house has broken tea cups and saucers embedded in the walls and a little archway leading into the garden (which apparently has a little cat cemetery in it but I can't say I have ever actually noticed that). The people clearing out the house were working away bringing chairs out onto the front grass but Monica didn't have enough time to stop and chat. When we drove past it later that evening we stopped for a peek. At first we were disappointed as the skip seemed to be full of black sacks and a very old, very dusty mattress. However upon further inspection (ie we ripped open a black bag and had a nose around) we found treasure. Lots and lots of treasure. China, plates, saucers, a beautiful old crate, a glass decanter and little bowl, some more plates, lots of unused & unopened sheets and pillow cases (that we will send to the charity shop), a never-been-worn cardigan, tea towels (never used!), a box of ephemera from the 40s, 50s and 60s: old papers, receipts and newspaper clippings, photographs of the couple, a telegram(!) and subscriptions to Charles Atlas.

Going through all this skip on the side of the road was kind of embarrassing at first but once we started to find the treasures mentioned above we got excited and then as we realised just how much was being thrown out we felt sad. Talk about an arc of emotions! Perfectly good dishes, linens still in their packaging and unused utensils were thrown in black bags to be sent to a landfill. What a waste. How bad for the environment. I can imagine that the local charity shops would have loved to have got their hands on loads of that stuff.

The following day I passed by and the skip had been emptied and refilled...this time with furniture which was entirely broken up! All of it destroyed; legs snapped off chairs, desks and beds and side tables flattened. I could barely look. Maybe they wanted to fit more in.or maybe they didn't think anyone would want it but really there are plenty of better places for used furniture than landfills. It makes me so sad and kind of's just so wasteful. I'm glad we were able to rescue some things before they ended up not-rotting in the dump for years and years to come.

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday I took a ton of photographs and walked all over the city. To the Luas, from the Luas, to the photo place, to Grand Canal Dock, to Boojum for post photo-shoot celebratory burrito bowls, back to college and all the way down to Mica & Lauri & Caroline’s house…then all the way back to Portobello for tea with my cousin. A lot a lot a lot of steps were counted that day.

In Mica’s house we shaved his head. It was spontaneous and random and kind of ridiculous because none of us are exactly barbers or hairdressers, but he was a super good sport and we had a lot of fun.

Tuesday was one of those days where I couldn’t help but look around and smile and think that this is what being in college is all about, making things, doing things and hanging out with lovely people. It’s pretty great really. And—bonus!—it counted as college work, which was ridiculously great.

I hope you have a nice weekend with your lovely people and that maybe the sun shines too, xoxo

**My silly optimism is definitely at it’s peak when the sun shines all day ;) 

15/52 (and 14 too!)

A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.

—Fiona & Nicole.

Being sick the second week of the Easter holidays and then Offset last weekend threw me for a loop and I never got a portrait posted last Sunday…but here I am, back on track with two for the price of one! It seems somewhat serendipitous too as I rarely mention Fiona without a quick ‘and Nicole!’ following or vice versa. 

These two lovely ladies sat opposite me for our second year of college and we became fast friends. They are funny, chatty and always upbeat. We still sit beside each other now and I value their advice and opinion about my work highly. In fact Nicole is pretty much my tutor this year. 

Fiona is a last minute kind of girl and she pretty much never sleeps…I have no idea how she survives. Nicole is so chilled out even when we’re coming up towards a deadline, she just knuckles down (eats loads of sweets!) and gets shit done without complaint. I am a steady worker and don’t like to leave things until the final hour so when we worked together on a college project this year I was, understandably, a little nervous. I need not have been worried though as the project couldn’t have gone better. Our different work methods meshed together and we all agreed that the final result was definitely better than anything we could have produced individually. 

These two girls have the sweetest hearts and I am so so glad we are friends. They are going inter-railing around Europe this summer and I am so excited for them, it is going to be such an adventure. 

PS Nicole has a tumblr, you should definitely go and have a peek.