Women to Blame

Over four decades, women in Ireland have been the subject of Tribunals, Referendums, accusations and censorship. Women to Blame presents a record of the events before, during and after the Eighth Amendment when, article 40.3.3. was inserted into the Irish Constitution. The title is inspired by A Woman to Blame: The Kerry Babies Case by Nell McCafferty. The exhibition was originally held in Filmbase in Dublin in November 2014, it then travelled to the UK. It was most recently exhibited, with up-to-date panels, at a conference of the National Women’s Council of Ireland in late 2017. 

Project Team: Therese Caherty, Pauline Conroy, Emma Loughran, Adam May, Clíodhna Meldon.

Credits: Nell McCafferty, Mairin De Burca, Mairin Johnston, Mary Maher, Ailbhe Smyth, Cathal Black, Ruth Jacob, Ruth Riddick, Evelyn Conlon, Patricia Kelleher, Anne O'Brien, Helen Mahoney, Anthea McTeirnan, Sandra McAvoy, Mary Muldowney, Eddie Conlon, Joe Kelly, Fintan Vallely, John Meehan, Clodagh Boyd, Rose Comiskey, Paula Geraghty, Liam Ryan, Derek Speirs, Brian Kearney-Grieve, Create and Abortion Rights Campaign.

This project was completed during a two month internship at Language, after graduating from the National College of Art and Design, under the art direction of Adam May.