part deux

I bought four rolls of film from The Four Corner Store online before leaving for Spain. Honestly, the main thing that attracted me was the amazingly cheap price tag. Too good to be true? Well... the film was hard to load, it didn't like to stay in the winder very much and it took a few goes to get it to stay in properly, buuuut once it was in and I began shooting I forgot all about that part.

It was strange to shoot in black and white because normally I don't... so I'd go and take a photo and then realise, shit, you won't be able to see that colour, or no point shooting that sky, what a waste etc etc. I'm on my third roll and yesterday I did it again...foool.

Although once I had the rolls developed (two down, one still to go! I gave one roll to Richard) I realised that the photos weren't lacking in anything (except the colour...) at all. Even the photos of the skies turned out well. Composition is so much more important and the image can end up so much more striking than if it had been in colour because shapes are much more pronounced. There is no colour to distract from the picture, it all seems clearer somehow. I'm now a fan for sure.

Anyway... ramble over... here's the second third of the holiday photos:


 When I developed the photos I realised that there were lots 'twins'.
Click the photos to see them up close. 

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