for my sister

Aoife, today is the fifth day of your adventure. I hope the last few have been restful because the next 28 are going to be intense. I hope your head hits the pillow and is met only with sweet dreams night after night as your body bends and breathes and stretches day after day.

I hope you laugh and cry only from laughing.

I hope you shop and spend and be frivolous but also save and hold back when you know is right.

I wish you adventure but safety (you're precious cargo you know).

I hope you are reckless but not careless.

I hope you think of me when you meet hot backpackers and decline their invitations to roof gardens/knicks games/surf lessons or whatever takes their fancy.

I hope you and Gary are calm in crisis and lighthearted no matter how heavy your rucksacks seem to get.

It will be the longest we have spent apart since I was born. You were 9 then. Already a person when I was not. You were a great sister. You made sure I never wore parachute pants or ridiculous eye shadow or looked like I was trying too hard. Now that I am older I hope I am returning the favour... did anyone say jeggings???

 Although there was this one time you broke all the rules... 

And now you are a great friend. A friend I can give evil eyes to and shout at and fight with and know that at the end of the day you will still be there. The older we get the narrower the gap gets which makes me very happy. You too, I hope.

This is my second favourite photo of us...I couldn't find the one with your hair as my hair :( BUT promise you'll grow your hair long so we can recreate it when you get back?!

I love you. Good luck and travel safe. x