On Sunday we went to visit my granny (’cause it was mother’s day, and you know, she is my mother’s mother). When I called in to pick her up for our walk she handed me a box of negatives that ‘my uncle thought I’d like’ and then told me to ‘throw them out if they weren’t any use’. She’s a hoot my granny. The negatives were taken by my great granddad and neither myself nor my mum knew who the majority of them were of. Except this one… My aunt Trish is on the left, my mum Monica in the middle and my auntie Mary on the right with their aunt Kathleen behind them. Isn’t is amazing? Don’t I knew immediately that it was my mum in the middle because she looks just like me!
Their aunt made them those dresses and Monica was saying that their mother always insisted on ‘good shoes’. It’s so strange to imagine the photo being taken.