Film & Friends // 5

 This week’s contributor is Margrethe Pederson…she commented here once or twice before and I saw that she also shot film so I asked would she like to contribute and she said yes (obviously!).
It’s fascinating to see photos shot from so far north, look at all that beautiful snow (and that signage up above is so cool).

I really wanted to get back into film photography for a long while, and by accident I stumbled across the Lomography website. I fell in love with the cutest pink Diana Mini and I just had to have it. 

I'm lucky any of the shots came out, really. It's was during winter and we barely had any daylight being so far north of the Arctic Circle (Narvik, in Norway). My first roll also experienced the quirks of the Diana Mini and is part of the reason I fell so deeply in love with film photography. Expect the unexpected.

Since then my camera collection has grown quite a bit, and I always take a camera with me everywhere I go.


PS Don’t you LOVE her dog? Too cute.

If you shoot film and would like to be featured give me a shout! meldonc at gmail dot com. 
I’d LOVE to see your photos and hear a bit about why you choose to use film. xo