New! Film & Friends

 Dave is 28 and has been a photographer for 3 years. These are some images from an early roll of his.

I first started because my girlfriend (now my wife) was into photography and i thought it would be nice to have trips out together taking photos and sharing a common interest. My first camera was a Lomography Diana F+; now I know that many hate lomo and all they stand for and some people embrace them wholeheartedly. I’m kind of in the middle—there are aspects about them that bug me but then again they are getting a whole new generation into shooting film so thats a good thing! Now im a major darkroom addict—I absolutely love printing and I love my Bronica SQ-A medium format slr kit.  I have every intention of continuing to shoot film down until the last roll is made and we all have to fight for it on Ebay.

These photos hold a special place for me - they are from one of the very first rolls I ever shot in my first film camera.  My wife and i decided to get dressed up and head over to a local wood to take some photos. I dont know what people thought when they saw us walking between the trees - me in a bowler hat and braces and my wife in a suede jacket and big hat. Who cares anyway—we had fun and the portrait of Jess remains one of my favourite photos that i have taken.

Have a look at Dave’s lovely blog here, see more photos on his flickr or follow him on twitter here.

Thanks so much Dave for contributing to my new column.

If you shoot film and would like to be featured give me a shout! meldonc at gmail dot com. 

I’d LOVE to see your photos and hear a bit about why you choose to use film. xo