I love to eat with you (at Cinnamon)

We get out for breakfast more often than we do lunch or dinner. I don’t like eggs (I’ve tried I just don’t liiiiike the flavour or texture or smell, eggs are weird) and breakfast is all about the eggs so it can be kind of tricky but I usually make do. We’ve been to


in Ranelagh a few times, and often my little brother joins us. Sitting in the back of the mini while these two jokers sit in the front being equally ridiculous and hilarious and obnoxious is so much fun.

Cinnamon is cool and the food is delicious, it has a kind of New York, lofty feel and can be either quite bright and breezy (if you sit up the front) or dark and cozy (towards the back). When it first opened the service was terrible and the wait for food was excruciatingly long, thankfully this has been rectified and while the staff aren’t super smiley the service is generally prompt and friendly.

Richard had eggs benedict, Eoin had a breakfast salad and I had a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon. It was divine. We also shared the sage potatoes which were so amazing I attempted to recreate them last night. They weren’t as good so we’ll just have to go back for more soon!