I love to eat with you (at Fumbally)

I don’t think I could tire of eating here. The food is beautiful, simple, humble but oh so delicious. This time we have brunch, you, the eggs on toast, and I the avocado. My absolute favourite.

Sometimes we talk and sometimes we don’t…the silences are rarely awkward though occasionally I find myself worrying if other people might notice we are saying nothing. It doesn’t matter really. In Fumbally there is so much to look at and listen to. The kitchen is open and the tables are shared. The art on the wall is enviable. It is furnished how I imagine my future home will be; eclectically and emotively, the chosen pieces ooze feeling and story*. It feels like being in a different time and place and yet familiar Dublin resides just outside the door. Haunted by hipsters and suits alike Fumbally does what it does and does it well. You should go. 

*even if it was all created intentionally to appeal to a ‘certain crowd’, I really don’t care.