For the Weekend.

It’s October. I promised myself that on the first of October I would start the packing process. I say process because I aim to pack up my room piece by piece, slowly over the next four weeks in order to avoid the harried, stressful and emotionally draining experience of trying to pack for San Francisco and empty my room and purge my belongings and say goodbye to everyone in a few short days. Between you and me just saying goodbye to everyone is going to be emotionally traumatic enough.

Friday seems to be coming quicker and quicker each week and while I enjoy the respite of a day off at the weekend (and a crisp glass of wine, or two) I can’t help but want to flap my arms and slow it all down a little bit. Hence the desire to mindfully pack, day by day. Suddenly it will all be finished, won’t it? 

I am working around the clock at the moment and so in order to feel I have had time to recuperate at the weekend I force myself to do something, anything on my day off. Going for brunch, taking a long walk, seeing a concert, hanging out with my friends. Some weekends watching TV on the couch seems a hundred times more appealing but I am always grateful for getting out, once I have done it. 

What is your plan for the weekend? I just hope it stops raining long enough to get out for a run around with the dog tomorrow! xoxo

Speaking of rain, I have secretly been hoping it would pour ever since my birthday. Rich bought me the most beautiful rain coat (oxymoron I know, but this is the shit). 

Podcasts seem to be huge at the moment. I don’t have a set of headphones at the moment but when I get some I will definitely be listening to what Elizabeth recommends. Also Rich has been listening to a lot of Radiolabs after work and he loves them. I have listened to some of Róisín Ingle’s and they are great. Her chat with Louise McSharry was my favourite. 

I tried on the most beautiful shirt in Cos the other evening. I haven’t purchased it yet…but I might. I can’t quite make up my mind on my wardrobe conundrum

I get to mind this munchkin all day tomorrow…and I am so excited about it. We were up playing with her yesterday evening and she found Richard in hide and seek and exclaimed ‘oh, you need a cuddle’ before falling into him. I melted. 

Nothing will make me not love Lena. Here are ten reasons why you should too. And then there’s this, what is wrong with us? (first link via Kate)

I loved this story of a couple’s engagement. I think it’s probably how most of my parents’ generation would have done it. 

Tonight will mainly consist of this and this