My Child is an Explorer.

If my hunch is correct, and I think it just might be, then I need to get comfortable with the idea of raising an extroverted child. I remember realising I was an introvert and feeling like ‘oh yeah, that’s it, that’s me’. I think it’s only natural to assume you’re going to have a kid that’s just like you. I mean, who else do you know as well as yourself?

Haha, how wrong can you be.

This child is an adventurer. He is bold and fearless. A born explorer. He lights up around people; smiling at strangers on the street, chatting with the man in the chemist or the woman in the bank or the little girl in the doctors waiting room. He loves nothing more than being outside, unrestrained and wildly free. He’s only 11 months young and I am already in awe of the ways he pushes himself, determined to a fault, perhaps. 

No doubt I will find the endless chatter hard. It already is and he can’t form actual words or pose impossible existential questions yet. The need to turn every possible item into a drum and drumstick, creating deafening but hearty ‘music’, seems to be an early and easily mastered skill to him. I might run ragged chasing him up the stairs, or lose the plot trying to change the nappy of a never-not-moving baby but I hope that I can find the patience to understand that we are different and that’s ok. I hope he learns the same.

Of course, things change as they are wont to do. Perhaps he will become a shy five year old or a timid eight year old, or a borderline hermit in his middle age. I doubt it but, you know, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. 

I hope that I can always meet him where he is and let him know that as long as he’s doing his best, then he’s doing pretty ok.   

The Ring of Kerry.

I really wanted to get away before heading back to college and, scarily, all of the extra pressures that final year brings.. Canada was beginning to feel like forever ago and August had melted away rapidly between working in Moss Cottage and minding Emily…both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but still I was beginning to crave vast open spaces and the quiet that can only be found outside of Dublin. My friends agreed and we thought we’d make it a sort of birthday celebration slash last hurrah before we all go our separate ways for the academic year…

In the end it didn’t quite work out as planned as, for many reasons, most of my friends weren’t able to come. Richard and I went anyway and we had the loveliest time…my only regret is that we had to come home after just two nights! It’s a very long, and very windy way away but the drive is truly beautiful…and the company was ok too. I know that I am so lucky to have this guy to adventure with and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Wish me luck on my first day back tomorrow, I am nervous and excited and a little bit scared of what the year will bring!

You Don’t Own Me.

"You Don't Own Me" Irish PSA from ProChoice Dublin on Vimeo.

I wouldn’t normally get political here on this ole space but this is something I think it so important. 12 women every single day leave this country seeking an abortion and the government does nothing but ignore them, leave them, and fail to support them. The Ireland I live in today is not one I would like to bring my (someday) children up in. I am proud to be a part of

this video (which was, of course, inspired by this one) and I think it pretty much speaks for itself. The people in my college are the best.


We spent the weekend ‘working’ at this stand at this festival. And it was the bessssst.

We took tons of photos. I bought two rolls of Portra 400 before we left, it was the first time either Richard or I had used it but it comes out lovely. Dontcha think?

We saw The Maccabees, Heathers (amazing), Villagers (double, triple amazing), The XX (wow), Glenn Hansard, Caribou VS Fourtet, Sigor Ros, Mick Flannery, Ben Howard (incredible), David O’Doherty (made me hurt I laughed so much), Elbow and The Killers to name a few. 

There were so many cute babies and hot parents and funny kids with their parents’ number scrawled on their forearms meandering around the arena, as well as the to-be-expected drunk and disorderly folk. The people watching was so cool for a nerd like me.

Too many photos? Ok just three more.


I already can’t wait to go again!

PS Photos mainly by me, but some of these are R’s too :)