Everyday Adventure: The Mission, Dolores Park

Last week, while it was still gloriously sunny, we took the BART to the Mission district to hang out in Dolores Park. On the way we passed an ice cream shop I had heard rave reviews about and so I convinced Richard we should get ice cream (instead of lunch…making excellent adult choices one scoop at a time over here). We got creme brulee, mint chocolate chip (I always get this, I’m boring like that) and salted caramel from Bi-Rite Creamery. I don’t know if it was the best icecream I’ve ever had but it was delicious…and very soft. It barely lasted until the park which was only a stones throw away. 

After inhaling our healthy lunch we ran to the top of the park (it’s on a hill) and surveyed the city. Not a bad view really. Dolores Park has an excellent playground and I so wished my niece or cousins were there so we could play…though I couldn’t resist going down the huge slide. Being an adult is overrated. Slides should be in more places, they are such instant joy-makers.

We then wandered around, poked in some thrift stores, looked at some graffiti, passed by this window (below) full of a ridiculously amazing owl collection and found ourselves at Craftsman and Wolves—another well documented and recommended stop—for a late lunch. Next time I would skip the sandwiches and go straight for the pastries. The bread was very crunchy and hard to eat but the nutella croissant squares looked incredible. 

 Shauplatz is a cute vintage shop, if a little expensive. I found a lot of things I wanted to buy but didn’t try on because it would have meant not buying them all the harder. I’ll definitely visit again when I’ve got more dollar in my pocket and an occasion to dress for. The shop keeper wasn’t overly friendly and there was lots of ‘no photos’ signs inside which always irks me but it’s still worth a visit. 

The murals covering The Women’s Building are so beautiful. Below is my favourite piece of graffiti I saw that day. I love the colours and the interaction between the layers. 

Herein ends the mission portion of today’s blogging. Over and out ladies and gentlemen.