A portrait a week, every week, in 2013.


Richard took this photo (and I hope he doesn’t mind that I am stealing it!) of his granny on Easter Sunday in her car about to drive away. When I saw it I know I couldn’t not use it as part of the 52 Project. Margaret is Richard’s father’s mother. She is almost totally deaf, incredible at lip-reading and is one of the most stylish women I know. She dyed her tights the other day because she wanted green ones and told us how she had to take her coat up twice because it was swishing around her legs in the most ridiculous fashion. She has collected Richard from school with hens in the front seat and nothing makes her more cross than the foxes that threaten her birds.

I am usually stumped as to what to say to her, as often grow shy in her company, but I could listen to Margaret tell stories for hours…she has such a beautiful turn of phrase and the most genuine smiles of anyone I know. She is strong willed, stubborn and does exactly as she wants—my kind of woman entirely. I only hope that I can grow up into such a marvellous woman as she is.