Monthly Challenge #1 : The Mill


I mentioned on facebook a couple of weeks ago that as a graduation/leaving gift my sister and her husband were sending us on a specific challenge each month (aren’t they great?). November was our first month here and thus our first challenge. We were instructed to visit The Mill in NoPa and so one rainy Saturday after a tearful skype session home—sometimes they are the best and sometimes they are the worst—we set off on an adventure.

It’s always an adventure when Richard drives and I navigate, haha.

We ordered a #1 and a #4 though I think what we actually got was a #1 and a #3…we were halfway through eating them when we realised and couldn’t have cared less. Who knew toast could be quite so delicious? Not us. Rich has been liberally grinding black pepper all over his cream cheese bagels ever since. Their famous homemade nutella wasn’t on offer the day we visited which just means we will have to go again. Bummer. 

Rich had a coffee (Fourbarrel I believe, which is reportedly good!) and I had the most delicious hibiscus mint iced tea. The menu is limited, the bread abundant and the prices fair. The goods displayed along the wall are indeed for sale and while incredibly beautiful they are quite expensive. Expect to share tables with exceptionally beautiful, young and slightly tired looking locals sipping their coffee. Anticipate a queue but do not be deterred, it moves quickly. 

Before leaving I popped back up to the counter to buy a chocolate claw pastry which we ate on the way to Alamo Square to visit those Painted Ladies…but more on that another time.

Thank you Aoife & Gary for such a delicious afternoon date. We are so excited for our second challenge.

Things to do nearby:

Rare Device: To buy a Christmas present, peruse the latest issue of Kinfolk and admire the well designed bits and pieces.
Alamo Square: Yes the famous Painted Ladies are here which is a tourist trap but there’s also a dog park and when you miss your four legged friend its nice (and hopefully not creepy) to chat up someone else’s. 
Escape from New York Pizza is not technically close to The Mill but after the long, steep walk up Haight Street and forty minutes in Mendel’s art and craft supply shop we needed refuelling and this pizza was delicious. One slice was enough for two.